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Nicholas Piper

Formerly the Chief Flight Instructor of the Rockcliffe Flying Club in Ottawa, Nicholas has been working professionally in the aviation industry for seven years. Nicholas also has over 15 years of teaching experience across various disciplines, including six years in flight instruction. He holds a Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence, Aeroplane, with Group 1 Instrument Rating and Class 1 Instructor Rating. Nicholas is passionate about aviation and enjoyed a variety of roles over the years. He is also a Juno-award winning musician with a background in music composition. Visit his LinkedIn page for more details.

A natural leader, Nicholas worked as Rockliffe Flying Club’s Chief Flight Instructor for several years and was highly regarded in the Rockliffe community. With an emphasis on scenario-based training, Nicholas has helped many students and instructors develop strong technical skills, sound decision making, professional discipline, and safety-focused approaches to support their future careers as pilots.

In addition to his instructional work, Nicholas was also responsible for many administrative and policy related aspects of the school’s operations. With an eye for detail, consistency, safety, and regulatory compliance, Nicholas successfully managed the flight school’s operation control and flight safety, designed manuals and student tracking systems, and facilitated regulatory compliance. Nicholas believes strongly in the importance of industry regulation and safety and enjoyed liaising with key industry partners, including Transport Canada, Nav Canada, ATAC, COPA, and affiliate teaching institutions.

Having recently completed the SAMRA and SARON exams, Nick is available for hire and can be reached at